Badminton is a fun game that everyone has played at least once in his or her life. It is regarded as a casual indoor or outdoor game played by two or more players, in your backyard, beach or any spacious hall for that matter. It is all about hitting a shuttlecock across a net. It is the best form of cardio that helps to keep you on the go. It is quite an interesting game, requiring some good stamina and flexibility. However, the real game is more to than just that. Best badminton Racket for beginners requires a proper rectangular court and net. Here is where it takes a lot of hard work, ambition, and preparation to get a good point by defeating your opponent or opponents.

Choose the right Racket and ace the court like a pro

Here is a guide that you need to follow to know about it all:

1. Racket

Picking a good Racket very important as the nature of the Racket determines a lot about your game and where exactly it is going to take you. A Racket either make or break your game. The right materials induced to make it, the strength that it can bare should be your point of focus. Considering the adverse situations, it will be exposed to, it has to cope up with all of it. Selecting the correct one is a difficult task but if you are well versed about the types that exist and the pros and cons of them all, you are ready to take the plunge and add your points up.

If you are new to the game, you need not worry at all or feel helpless, as there are several ways to learn and face the rush and be a pro at the same. Nevertheless, when it comes to picking the right Racket, leave that on us. We are here to help you with that. The best badminton Racket for beginners is what you need to help you with the basics of the game. Badminton Racket normally lightweight instruments that are used for the easy swing without being a hindrance to your game.

2. Rackets Quality

The top-quality Rackets weight around 70 to 90 grams, which does not include the grip or the strings. They are made up of different materials varying from graphite-reinforced plastic to the solid steels. The kinetic energy that is transferred comes majorly from the carbon fiber which stiffens the Racket.

Before these Rackets were introduced, the previous ones were made of aluminum. Even before that, they were made of wood. Other Rackets are made of steel as well for the common people to play with. Wood is not used these days to manufacture any Racket as they involve a lot of money and mass into the production. To provide greater durability, these days Nano material like carbon nanotubes and fullerene are infused into the Rackets.

There are a whole lot of designs and textures used in a Racket even though the laws of the game have limited the size and shapes of the Rackets. Different players choose Rackets, as they want to play with. It totally depends upon an individual to choose their own kind of Rackets that they feel are proficient enough to get them get the nape of the game. Different Rackets have a different appeal to different players. The traditional and usual oval head shaped Rackets are still in the markets, but the new isometric ones have started doing the rounds in the market gradually. They are already increasing the production of the same.

3. Strings

Strings constitute an important part of the Rackets. They play a prominent part in the game and the way you play. There are different types of Racket with different strings that are available in the market. Different people have different techniques of playing. They choose Racket with different kinds of strings. No two people can like the exact same Racket. They have to have a different taste as the way of playing the game differs from person to person. The thicker strings are way more durable than the thinner ones but there are some people who really like the feel of the thinner ones and are inclined towards buying them instead of the former.

4.String Measurement

The string tension normally lies between 80 to 160 N which is approximately 18 to 36 lbf. People who are playing casually for recreational purpose prefer buying Racket with a string tension of around 80 to 110N, which is lower than the string tensions of the professional ones. The professionals prefer a string tension of around 110N to 160N, which is between 25 to 36lbf.

It is highly debatable if the greater string tensions improve the control over the game or the lower ones increase power. These arguments are backed by logic claiming that a Racket with lower tension string bed is much bouncier and hence they provide greater power.

This can be claimed to be incorrect at times as a higher string powered Racket can make the shuttle slide off it and make it difficult for people to aim for a shot precisely. Some say that the highest tension for power relies hugely on the player. The more accuracy the player shows while hitting the shuttlecock fast, the higher will be the tension for optimum power. The best way to find this out is to experiment with it to know it even better.

5. Grip

The grip is super important as an aspect of a good Racket. The grip is what a player should focus on. It is one of the main points that one should pay heed to while picking a Racket for oneself. The choice of your grip will make you increase or decrease the thickness of your Racket handle and look for a comfortable surface to hold. You can build the handle of the Racket up before you apply the final layer.

There are lots of grips to pick from. The most common of them all being the PU synthetic grips or the toweling grips. Here it totally depends on your personal choice as to what you want and what you do not, according to your own convenience. It is often seen that sweat becomes a major problem while playing. The Racket can slip off your hands while playing or may create havoc while you try to swing it. You can apply a drying agent in that case to the grip or even on your own hands. Sweatbands too can be utilized for this purpose or you can change your grip quite often or choose another grip altogether. There are two types of grip in the market. They are called the Replacement grips and the Overgrips.

List of the best badminton Racket for beginners

1. Dynamic Shuttle Sports Ares Red 68 Premium Carbon Fiber Indoor/ outdoor professional Badminton Racket with Cover

Best Badminton Racket For Beginners under $100

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This is one of the best badminton Rackets for beginners. The Ares Red 68 is by far the lightest Racket of their entire line of production. It is quite similar to the design of the Yonex ArcSaber Fb, but they cost only a fraction of the cost of the latter. The defense capability is super high, and you can easily use this against your strong opponent or opponents for that matter. In case you are suffering from any kind of shoulder, neck, forearm or back pain this can be a respite from those.

These are super light in weight. In case you have suffered from any such problem due to the usage of heavy Racket, try shifting to this one for a better game and experience. People have even left feedback that their plans successfully worked after they have shifted their game plan and their choice of Racket to this one.

  •  They come with 1 premium cover and 2 free overgrips. This is a bonus because it will surely help you save your cost of buying an extra cover and overgrips for the Rackets.
  •  The material used is ultra-high modulus Japanese toray carbon fiber which is lightweight yet strong. It can sustain string tension up to 30lbs. The Racket is pre-strung at 24lbs tension.
  •  The speed of the swings can go up to about 10%. If you are playing against aggressive players, it will help you to counter attack like a boss and spin the game in your favor. You will have the control over your game and the speed of the shuttle will surely catch all your opponent totally off the guard.
  •  All the Rackets are tested before they are launched.
  •  There are no cons as such.

2. Dynamic shuttle sports premium Hyperion KV-100 carbon fiber indoor/outdoor professional badminton racket

Best Badminton Racket For Beginners dynamic

This is the best badminton Racket for the intermediate player. This one is an advanced level Racket best for the offensive type of a game. The game where you constantly need to attack and there is no room for any kind of defense for you against your opponent. This Racket is extra stiff with a tension of about 22 to 30 lbs. the balance is quite good with a heavy head and firm weighs about 86g with a grip size G5.the head of the Racket is made of Ultra H.M Graphite along with woven titanium. The shaft is super strong with Ultra H.M graphite. The string is totally custom made similar to that of Yonex BG65.

  •   For an offensive player like you, this Racket is just the appropriate one with an affordable price.
  •   The material is quite good with ultra-high modulus Japanese Toray carbon fiber which is lightweight yet strong and can sustain the tension of the string up to 30 lbs. The Racket is pre-strung at a tension of about 24-25lbs.
  •   Since the head is heavier it allows increased speed of 5% or more. The head frame is loaded with woven titanium to help you in storing and releasing the energy exactly like a bow and arrow. The isometric head increases the generation of power with the sweet spot optimization.
  •   The product is designed manufactured and tested before it has been launched.
  •  This has strings that are too tight and snaps sometimes.

3. Speedminton S600 set- original speed badminton/ crossminton starter set including 2 Rackets, 3 speeder, speedlights, bag

Best Badminton Racket For Beginners under $60

With the Speedminton equipment, you are able to play anytime you feel like and anywhere. This one is another best badminton Racket for beginners. All that you will require are two Rackets and a speeder. The speeder is wind resistant and has a very stable flight path of 100ft. You can play in the park, your backyard, street or wherever you want to without any hassle. The kit consists of two resilient Rackets of yellow-green or pink and they are all water resistant in nature. This kit has no net which helps you to play anywhere you feel like, without a boundary. The pros and cons are as follows:

  •   This innovative Racket sport has no net and makes it easier to play as an alternative to beach ball or badminton unhindered.
  •   Consists of two s600 Rackets made of aluminum which is hardened, in a practical bag.
  •   They are completely water resistant.
  •   The speeder consists of 3 original speedminton birdies for different distances and easy to play in the dark and 1 windring.
  •   The speeder is wind resistant.
  •   2 original speedlights for playing in the dark is provided as well that lasts approximately up to 3 hours.
  •   It is a bit overpriced for some people.

4.Trained premium quality set of badminton rackets, pair of 2 rackets, lightweight & sturdy, with 5 LED SHUTTLECOCKS, for professional & beginner players, carrying bag included

Best Badminton Racket For Beginners under $30

This full package of badminton accessories is so appropriate for both professional and intermediate players. It includes a pair of top-quality Rackets five well-built shuttlecocks which have LED lights and are super light in weight. The Rackets are super sleek with a firm grip. The getup spells superb performance and promises longevity. The pros and cons are as follows:

  •  These are suitable for players of any level
  •  These can be a good gifting idea
  •   Provide you with the best quality
  •  According to some complaints, it has been found that the grip breaks
  •  There have been a few complaints with the LED lights as well.

5.KEVEN Z 12-Pack badminton rackets, professional carbon fiber badminton Rackets, fabric carrying bag all included

Best Badminton Racket For Beginners under kevenz

This is a pack of two consisting of a 3U Racket weighing about 97g, comprising one black and one red Racket. It has a carbon fiber integration T type structure, fusion of carbon fiber and resin which helps to improve the tension. The string tension can pull about 22 to 26 pounds. This is the best badminton Racket for beginners casual game. The rod is made up of full carbon of elastic medium. The pros and cons of the product are as follows:

  •  The grip is super comfortable
  •  The frame has a concave shape
  •  It has a square frame that expands the sweet spot of the Racket
  •  It is made up of 100% carbon fiber
  •   The strings are of poor quality

6.Dynamic shuttle sports titan G-force 7 professional carbon fiber badminton Racket, lightweight badminton racket including cover

Best Badminton Racket For Beginners dynamic

This product is one of the best badminton Rackets for intermediate players. It is manufactured for people who expertise in different styles of playing in their game. It is one balanced Racket that enables players to get both offensive and defensive while playing. The pros and cons of the product are as follows:

  •   It is made up of 100% Japanese toray fiber of carbon
  •   It is lightweight but strong
  •   They can bare a tension of around 30 lbs
  •  Gives enough power to the players to smash that backcourt
  •   There are no such cons.

7.Li Ning badminton racket player edition light weight carbon graphite shaft 80+ gms with full carrying bag cover

Best Badminton Racket For Beginners lining

The product comes with super strong material and has the maximum rigidity to bear optimum tension for steady strokes. The pros and cons are as follows:

  •  This one is very apt for beginners
  •  This has got medium flexibility
  •   Comes with dynamic optimum frame
  •   The grip of the Racket is just terrible according to some complaints

8.Yonex voltric z force II 2 Badminton Racket (Unstrung/Strung) w NG98 @

Best Badminton Racket For Beginners younex

It has got the thinnest shaft ever that is needed to increase the smash energy with improved TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM. It has got a flex that is extra stiff. The pros and cons are as follows:

  •   There is no vibrations discomfort with this Racket
  •   A Racket just strikes the right cord between a heavy head and a balanced Racket.
  •   The feel of the Racket is simply solid
  •  According to some of the complaints, the frame is fragile and can break.

9.Jinque badminton rackets 2-player beginners practice Rackets lightweight badminton Rackets with carrying bag for kids and adults – junior training

Best Badminton Racket For Beginners over $250

This product is very durable and light, being made up of carbon fiber framed by aluminum that makes it swing even faster and the game all the more powerful. It reduces the resistance of air in the swinging Racket by increasing the speed of the swinging.

  •   The structure is super solid, and the designs are so eye catchy.
  •  It absorbs sweat and provides an anti-slip resistance.
  •   it comes with a large sweet area
  •  The strings are not that strong according to some of the complaints.

10.Yonex Voltric 5 Badminton Racket

Best Badminton Racket For Beginners under $100

This product is strung with Yonex BG80 at 25 lbs. This Racket falls under the best badminton rackets for beginners is heavy enough improve your game and the muscles of your arm. You will not get a sprain after playing with this one even though it is heavy in comparison to the others. The arm strength just improves after a game with this one. The pros and cons are as follows:

  •   The product comes with full cover case just as the image shows.
  •   Heavy yet convenient for players
  •  The strings are not that strong or tight even though the tension says 25lbs.

11.Best Badminton Racket For Beginners Yonex Badminton Racket Carbonex Series 2018-19

Best Badminton Racket For Beginners under $40

The product is original with a shaft material made up of graphite. The frame material is completely made of aluminum with an even balance point. This is the best badminton Racket for beginners ever. The pros and cons are as follows:

  •   It comes with an isometric head shape
  •   The flex is medium
  •  There are no cons as such.

These are some of the best badminton rackets for beginners in the world. You are now equipped with the basics of buying the best badminton Rackets for beginners 2020 as well. With these features, get ready to get the ball in your court.