Neither baseball nor softball can be played without the right bat in your hand. But among the range of bats available in the market, which one do you know is the right one for you? Best baseball bats for high school have a lot of specifications in terms of size and material and they are very necessary to be noted before you actually select the one you need. Apart from just checking the brands and certifications, it is important to ensure the topics of key considerations to invest in the right bat for your game.

Buying guide for baseball bats

The things you must check while selecting the best baseball bats are the league regulations, the bat size and the material of the bat.

Measuring the right bat size

You must follow the guidelines to know the best bat size for yourself before buying a bat.

1.  In case you do not have a bat and you intend to buy one for the first time, measure from the middle of the chest to the tip of the index finger and record the measurement taken. Then check the size chart given for reference to buyers to see which bat size is right for you. You may also feel free to swing bats of various sizes to see which size fits you the best and makes you feel at ease while conforming to the requirements of your league.

2.  In case you have a bat, to know if the bat is of the right size, hold the handle of the bat and touch its tip to the floor. If the palm of your hand reaches the handle without stretching the arm or bending yourself at the knees, your bat is absolute of the right size. Another way is to place the tip of the bat’s handle right in the middle of your chest and try to reach out and grab the barrel. If you can reach the barrel, your bat size is right for you.

3.  If you are looking for a bat for a child, try the above-mentioned methods at first. If you fail to find one perfect size, let the child practice swinging a few bats before finding the perfect match.

Another measuring the right bat size

1.  If you are searching for the ideal bat size according to height, then you must remember that players 3’4” and under must go for a 26-inch bat. Then, for every 3 inches after 40 inches, the bat length will be increased by 1 inch.

2.  For people looking for the right bat size according to weight, players under 60 pounds should use bats between 26 and 29 inches. From 60 pounds to 120 pounds, players should use 27 inches to 32 inches size bats. Players weighing over 120 pounds should ideally go for bats ranging from 28 inches to 24 inches.

3.  Always remember that while changing a bat and going for a bigger one, never move up by more than an inch at once. This will help you to adjust easily to your new bat.

Calculating Bat Drop for Right Bat

A bat drop or drop weight is the difference between the length of the bat and the weight of the bat. This means that a bat which is 30 inches long and 20 ounces in weight will have a bat drop weight of -10. The bigger is the figure of this bat drop weight, the light is the bat. The drop weight determines the weight of the bat. According to regulations, high school baseball bats and college bats must have a bat drop weight that does not exceed -3.

Being a strong player does not mean that you need a heavier bat. The right bat speed is achieved when you achieved a balance with your bat weight. It may take some time but once you have found your ideal bat weight, you can find yourself hitting the ball harder than ever. A long and light bat can be swung fast but will lack inertia whereas a short and heavy bat will be difficult in terms of speed but will have great inertia.

Choosing this balance depends a lot on personal choice and comfort:

1.  Often, you may find that your current bat speed is slower than you expect it to be. It is perhaps because your bat is quite heavy for you. Try swinging lighter bats to find the right bat drop. Finding the right bat drop is actually the trick to achieve a strong and powerful speed.

2.  Similarly, if your speed feels too fast to be out of your control, you may need a heavier bat than the one you are using. The heavier bat will add some momentum to increase control and hitting distance. You should not increase bat weight by several ounces at once. Go up by one ounce to adjust yourself to the new weight and till you feel you have achieved the ideal bat speed and control.

3.  For Little League, the drop is usually -13.5 to -12 for players under 7 years of age and -10 to -9 for the age group of 12-13.

4.  For Pony League, the drop is usually -12 to -10 for players under 7 years of age and -9 to -5 for the age group of 12-13.

5.  For High School League and College League, the drop is fixed at -3 by regulations.

Materials of Baseball Bats

After deciding the length and weight of your baseball bat, it is time to select the right material. The wood bats are reserved for professionals and tournaments. Usually, there are three types of non-wood baseball bats available: –

1.Composite Bats

Best baseball bats for high school are made out of a material that is similar to carbon fiber. It is a layered material which makes the process of weight distribution of the bat easier. It also has a larger sweet spot and reduced vibration and sting less with miss-hit balls. These bats require 150-200 hits to break in and bring the pop. Depending on specific styles, the bats are either made balanced, to evenly distribute the weight or end-loaded, to put more weight at the barrel end to make the bat swing heavier. But these are generally more expensive owing to the complex manufacturing process and using them in temperatures below 60-degree Fahrenheit can cause them to crack.

2.Alloy Bats

Alloy bats are also known as aluminum and metal bats. These bats have a smaller sweet spot compared to others and produce intense sting with miss-hit balls. These are also less expensive than composite bats and they do not need any break-in time. The best thing with alloy bats is that even if they get cracked, they can be used, unlike a composite bat which is of no use once cracked. Thus, alloy bats are much more durable and can last you till the time the barrel ring does not fit around the barrel.

3.Hybrid bats

If you like both the alloy bats and the composite bats, it is better to go for a hybrid bat. These bats have a larger sweet spot than alloy bats and a smaller sweet spot than composite bats. This too has reduced vibration and sting less with miss-hit balls. Hybrid bats have the barrel made of alloy and a composite handle. While the composite handle reduces the vibration, the alloy barrel increases the performance. The alloy barrel also makes the bat durable while the composite handle makes the bat lighter. A hybrid bat also has other benefits like a lower price than composite bats and a lighter feel while swinging. These bats too do not require breaking in and can be used right away.

Types of Baseball Bats

There are usually two types of bats: –

1.  One-piece bats- These are more balanced and stiffer bats that do not allow vibration control. Therefore, they tend to have more vibration on miss-hit balls. These are good for contact hitters who benefit from the balance control in these bats.

2.  Two-piece bats- These bats have more flex and less vibration which benefit the power hitters.

Choose your required baseball bat based on your hitting style and personal preference.

A list of best baseball bats for high school

Once you have decided the type and size of bat that would suit you the most, it is time to go through the list of the best baseball bats for high school 2020 to select one among the most preferred ones in the market. Here you will get to know the features, pros and cons of the best baseball bats for high school 2020 from some of the most reputed brands to make your choice easier.

10 Best Baseball Bats For High School

Marucci 2020 CAT8 Black BBCOR Baseball Bat

CAT8 Under $350

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Best Baseball Bats For High School under $260

DeMarini Under $260

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Best Baseball Bats For High School under $480

Easton Ghost X Under $480

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Best Baseball Bats For High School under $400

Easton X Under $400

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Best Baseball Bats For High School under $350

VELO Under $350

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Best Baseball Bats For High School under Easton s500

Easton S500 Under $220

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Best Baseball Bats For High School under RIP-IT BBCOR

RIP-IT BBCOR Buy on Amazon
Best Baseball Bats For High School under $120

Axe Under $120

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⦁	Marucci JB19 Maple Baseball Bat

Marucci JB19 Under $150

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Best Baseball Bats For High School under $280

Marucci Under $280

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1. Marucci 2020 CAT8 Black BBCOR Baseball Bat

Marucci 2020 CAT8 Black BBCOR Baseball Bat

Check Price

This baseball bat comes with several great features like AZ105 alloy that is also good for thinner barrel walls and the highest response rate. Another feature is a multi-variable wall design that makes an expend sweet spot. AV2 is an anti-vibration knob feature that is just upgraded.

Ring-free barrel offers you for much more barrel flex, and it’ll increase the performance. Another excellent barrel is precision balance barrel that gives result in the lower MOI and will balance feel for accurate and control well. It allows you to create a professional performance with excellent practice.


  •  Length : 30-inch
  •  Weight : 27-oz
  •  Type : Metal bat
  •  Warranty : 1-year
  •  Alloy : 1 piece

Key features:

  •  Az105 alloy
  •  Multi-variable wall design
  •  2nd generation AV2 anti-vibration
  •  Ring-free barrel
  •  Micro-perforated soft-touch grip
  •  Recommended age: 14
  • ⦁ Traditional swing
  • ⦁ Clean and clear performance
  • ⦁ Light
  • ⦁ Durable and portable
  • ⦁ Affordable
  • ⦁ Not right for unprofessional player.

2.DeMarini D271 Pro Maple Composite Baseball Bat

Best Baseball Bats For High School under $260

DeMarini D271 Pro Maple bat provides you performance like a professional wood bat. It has unmatched durability and its patented design with its composite handle inside the wood barrel makes it unique. The composite core is surrounded by the Canadian hard maple barrel which increases the performance.

  •   It is very durable in nature.
  •   It has good pop and feels light and balanced.
  •  Does not behave as well as a true maple wood bat.

3.Easton 2018 Ghost X -3 Adult Baseball Bat (BBCOR)

Best Baseball Bats For High School under $480

Easton 2018 Ghost X-3 is a powerful bat designed with carbon construction and Connexion+ technology to develop the best two-piece bat you would like to hold in a game. Its dynamic feel combined with the Engineering X Advanced Carbon Technology (EXACT) construction of the barrel and the handle optimizes the performance and reduces vibration. This is the best baseball bats you can find at this price among the composite varieties.

  •  EXACT carbon construction technology makes this the best feeling two-piece bat.
  •   Less expensive than other composite bats.
  •  The long barrel provides a massive sweet spot giving more power to the game.
  •   Vibration is much reduced in the handle.
  •  Best bat for young players just learning the game.
  •   The -11 drop weight provides a faster swing.
  •   Nothing much to complain.

4.Easton 2018 Beast X Hybrid BBCOR – High School/Collegiate Baseball Bat -3

Best Baseball Bats For High School under $400

Beast X- Hybrid is another super powerful bat from the house of Easton, making it one of the leading youth bat makers in the world. The Beast X-Hybrid, like the Ghost X has a 2 5/8 inch long barrel which makes it one of the longest barrels that you can get in most bats. It also has a 29/32 inch EXACT carbon technology handle to reduce negative vibration feedback. The balanced two-piece EXACT carbon design bat is the best hybrid designs made in all times. Its advanced thermal alloy construction (ATAC) and barrel design with the patented Z-Core technology of Easton makes the bat an extremely powerful one. This ATAC construction leads to its invincible strength and explosive sound. It is BBCOR certified which makes it one of the best baseball bats for high school 2020.

  •   It is a supremely powerful bat made out of ATAC construction.
  •   It has a long barrel that gives a massive sweet spot.
  •   The EXACT carbon handle reduces negative vibration.
  •   Best hybrid design bat.
  •  No major complaints against it.

5.Rawlings Velo Hybrid Balanced BBCOR High School/Collegiate Baseball Bat

Best Baseball Bats For High School under $350

The Rawlings 2018 Velo Hybrid is a baseball bat with all the necessary qualities that need to be present in a youth baseball bat. The barrel has a composite end cap to balance its weight and give it fast swing. It has commendable power and speed that is all that you can dream of in a game. It has got good vibration control and quite an impressive durability too. Even after 300 swings, it holds up really well. The synthetic grip offers a comfortable and slip-free grip to the player even after powerful hitting. The large sweetspot and impactful pop will definitely leave you impressed. If you are all set to buy this, you are surely making a very good investment.

  •   Excellent bat for the price.
  •   The construction is solid and good enough.
  •   It is quite a powerful hitter.
  •   It gives great pop off the bat.
  •   Well balanced design.
  •   Best bat for fast swingers.
  •   It gives great pop off the bat.
  •   You won’t face anything major.

6. Easton S500 Youth Baseball Bat (31/18 oz, Realtree/Orange)

Best Baseball Bats For High School under Easton s500

This is another entry from the brand of Easton into the list of the best baseball bats for high school 2020. The thin barrel and the -13 drop weight make it suitable and comfortable for youth players. This bat is constructed from aircraft grade aluminium which makes it light and extremely strong. It gives the bat its immense power along with light swing weight. You can also enjoy the huge sweet spot in this evenly balanced one-piece alloy bat. Get the best of swing and speed in this Easton S500.

  •   This is a very lightweight bat providing light swing weight.
  •   Being very light, it swings really fast.
  •   The one-piece bat is evenly balanced.
  •   Best bat for youth players.
  •   The aluminium build provides immense strength and power.
  •   The sweet spot is lesser than other models of bats.
  •   You can expect little sting effect.

7.RIP-IT BBCOR AIR Baseball Bat

Best Baseball Bats For High School under RIP-IT BBCOR

The best thing to describe the RIP-IT AIR bats would be that they provide excellent performance at excellent price. This means that you can have the benefit of the best bat without paying a wholesome amount of money. Another best feature about this bat is that it is exceptionally light weight and features among the lightest bats you can find. The Rifle Barrel technology keeps down the weight of the bats while loading it on strength, durability and performance. The composite barrel adds to the flex offering good trampoline effect. On a whole, it is one of the best one-piece BBCOR bats you can get.

  •   It is extremely light and thus swings very fast.
  •   The construction is strong, durable and provides powerful performance.
  •   It has got a large sweet spot.
  •   It is end loaded for power hitters.
  •   It provides less vibration.
  •   Contact grip is very comfortable.
  •   Gives great pop on contact.
  •   It has got more sting than other composite bats.

8.Axe Bat 2018 Element USABat (-8) Baseball Bat

Best Baseball Bats For High School under $120

The Axe Bat 2018 is a one-piece alloy bat that provides you balanced power and speed. While the handle gives you the best swing ever and maximises the speed, the barrel provides great control for a consistent game. The strong barrel also delivers an explosive pop to make you feel satisfied in the game. Needless to say, this bat is extremely durable and goes a long run. It is enabled with hyper whip end cap technology that removes excess weight from the tip of the bat and provides fast swing. On a whole, this bat has been designed from handle to end cap to give you natural swing and better speed and control.

  •   Best one-piece alloy bat providing good speed and power.
  •   Hyper whip end cap makes the tip of the bat lighter, thus increasing the swing.
  •   It delivers explosive pop.
  •   It has a large sweet spot.
  •   It is certified by USA Bat for Little League, Pony, AABC, Babe Ruth and Dixie Youth.
  •   No major complaints found from players.

9. Marucci JB19 Maple Baseball Bat

Marucci JB19 Maple Baseball Bat

Marucci JB19 maple baseball bat is a wood bat that will perfect to make a good balance in the game. The weight of it isn’t so heavy, but just light and you feel comfortable to play with it. It follows the high-quality technology that made it durable and affordable.

It provides you with a more advanced opportunity that feels you with a traditional long barrel as well as a medium handle to permit you to hit spray liner. Every wood bat of Marucci must be handcrafted with superior quality maple wood plus bone rubbed, and Ink Dot certified. For suitable qualification, it gains five-star reviews with excellent feedback.


  •  Product dimension: 6 x 8 x 12 inch
  •  Item weight: 2 pounds
  •  Barrel: 2 ½ inch
  •  Handle: 15/16 inch
  •  Cup: Cupped drop
  •  Warranty: only 30-days manufacture

Key features:

  •  Knob: Traditional
  •  Handle: Medium
  •  Barrel: Medium
  •  Feel: Balanced
  •  Handcrafted from Marucci’s top-quality maple
  •  Bone rubbed for ultimate wood density
  •  Big League-grade ink dot certified
  • ⦁ Lightweight
  • ⦁ Good performance
  • ⦁ Feel comfortable
  • ⦁ High technological quality
  • ⦁ Not suitable for kids use.

10.Marucci MCBC7 Cat7 BBCOR Baseball Bat

Best Baseball Bats For High School under $280

The Marucci CAT-7 BBCOR is an alloy bat with a construction that maximises strength and response rate. The AZ4X alloy construction makes sure you have a power packed game. With a sweet spot larger than all previous models, this provides explosive power on hitting. The upgraded harmonic vibration dampening system also ensures that you face no vibration on hitting.

  •   Provides great strength and response rate in the game.
  •   The sweet spot is twice as large as the previous versions.
  •   Anti-vibration knob lessens the negative vibrational feedback.
  •   The barrel design improves balance.
  •   The bat allows fast swinging speed.
  •   You won’t have any complains.

You have now got a complete guide on the types of baseball bats available, the materials available and also a good knowledge of how to determine the best size for comfort. You also have an extensive list of best baseball bats for high school 2020 to choose from. Determine which would be the best bat suited to your needs and select one from among the best baseball bats listed. The right bat can surely make you a pro in the game.