Are you tired of getting your ass kicked? Or are you looking for a way to become a professional boxer or just to train in boxing to keep your body in perfect shape? Whatever your heart desire may be, do not be shaken, because in a very brief way we will share with you on this page the right steps to boxing for beginners and you will know all you need to get started as a total beginner and in no time you would enjoy this.

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Being a part of the boxing community is an incredible thing anyone could wish to be in a good body form, because boxers get a better workout than most individual gym workouts. And by taking it as a profession you can become famous, earn few bucks by playing in the ring and trust me you are going not regret trying this out.

Before we give you some few steps on how to start with boxing for beginners, I know you may probably be wondering about what you need to do to train like the pro or how to increase your boxing abilities and If you are thinking about this, I would congratulate you for taking it a challenge because some people believe that anybody can look good and easily work on a punching bag, but they are very wrong because fighting an opponent in a boxing match required physical fitness and totally a different story.

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If you have a passion for boxing and your dream is to see yourself a professional boxer with good and perfect stamina and not among those who believe because I am easily working on punching bag, then you are in the right place because in full details you will understand boxing for beginners.

What is Boxing and Why Choose Boxing?

Boxing is known as a combat sport in which two people fists together by using protective gloves for a predetermined amount of time in a boxing ring. Boxing is something anyone can learn if you desire to go for it.

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If you desire to make a lot of money, building your physical fitness then you need to choose boxing because is one of the rich sport today in the entire universe. Boxing motivates, it’s inspiring, and it has a natural tendency to produce underdog stories. And in boxing, you can shadow box for free, spar with a friend, or give the heavy bag a beating in the comfort of your own pace.

What are the Benefits of Boxing?

  • You will gain the ultimate fitness workout
  • It gives you great stress relief
  • It builds your self-confidence
  • It improves your mental focus
  • t helps you gain high intensity and low impact
  • Boxing basically teach self-defense to help protect yourself
  • Boxing teaches you an array of awesome punches and builds your strength and endurance

Important things and tips to know before you start boxing

  • If you want to be on a safer side in boxing, then finding a good gym with experienced boxing coaches should be your priority.
  • If you want to be a good boxing fighter, then eating healthy food is what you need because a bad diet can ruin all that you have worked for on those hard training days and quickly it will put an end to your boxing career. You can learn more here on the diet you are supposed to take as a boxer.
  • If you want to build up your endurance technique and improve your footwork,then working constantly on cardiovascular training should be a daydream for you and by running, cyclingand skipping are just the best ways to start.
  • Make sure you avoid too much overtraining because constant punching will stress your joints, bones, and muscles.
  • Try as much to build muscle mass with weight training, sit-ups, pull-ups, dips, and push-ups all this helps a boxer to build a perfect muscle mass.
  • Spar with other boxers in your gym. If you are sparring, try to spar with someone that is on your own skill level.
  • Gain power by hitting heavy boxing bags. The main purpose of the heavy bag is to develop power in your punches. Power in punching comes from understanding that the punch is not just coming from your arm or shoulder but from your whole body.
  • Make sure you learn how to wrap your hands for boxing because it will help you prevent hands injury and that’s why it’s bestfor you to get a good pair of well-padded, bag gloves.
  • Try to get the best boxing headgear for your boxing career as this will help protect your head and face from a straight punch or any face injury.
  • Always train as if your life depends on it which means you need to train as if you are training for the heavyweight championship of the world. Your opponent is not on the ring to play so train to win..

Equipment to get before you start Boxing

As a beginner, before you start your boxing career you need to be fully ready and that’s why you need to get the right equipment. And the equipment to get is:

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  • Headgear — As an amateur in boxing you are required to wear a headgear.
  • Boxing Gloves — As boxer gloves are required for all competition as this helps protect your hands from landing injuries.
  • Boxing Footwear — Footwear keeps your ankles and feet stable while moving around in the boxing ring. So make sure you get the best boxing shoes for wide feet.
  • Hand Wraps — This helps protect your knuckles and hands under your gloves.
  • Mouth Guards — With mouth guard, you will have protection from getting your teeth shattered when you get punched in the face, and it will also help you not bite your tongue.
  • Speed Bag — The speed bag helps you work on hand speed, hand-eye coordination, footwork, and stamina. It will also help you build some strength in your shoulder muscles.
  • Heavy Bag — This bag is said to help work on punching power, footwork, and just overall stamina.

How to start Boxing for Beginners

  • Boxing Stance and Guard — Before you ever throw a punch, you need to perfect your stance and make sure you have your guard because that will protect your face and body, depending on where they are punching.
  • Learn the Punches — In boxing, we have 4 main punches that you need to learn to be effective in the ring which is the jab, the cross, the hook, and the uppercut.
  • Footwork — Make sure you work very well in your footwork because it’s very important as punching, so make sure you have a good idea of how to move your feet.
  • Defensive Techniques — In boxing, all your thinking shouldn’t just be about punching your opponent because they will definitely punch back and that’s why learning good defensive techniques is a must for you.
  • Sparring — You can learn quickly by fighting with just you and a mirror as this will help you put your new found skills into practice with a sparring partner. So sparring allows you to understand how it would feel to fight a real opponent in the ring.

Though there is so much to learn or know about in boxing before you even think of becoming a professional boxer and we have only share with you here all you need to get started boxing for beginners, and by finding a boxing coach or a gym will throw more light to the things you also need to know to keep you going.