If you are by profession, a boxer or you just love boxing because you do it with friends over the weekend or any of your spear time or maybe you are even planning of becoming a professional boxer, either it is your profession or fun to you, your utmost goal and priority is your safety first, which means if you are to box you need to wear a good headgear for a protection from damaging impact of a hit directly to your head and by so doing you need to get a quality, strong and a good headgear and that’s why Sportzonereviews have done some research concerning the best boxing headgear in 2020 and how to get them.

Headgear is one of the most important pieces of safety gear a fighter will purchase. While studies have shown that good boxing headgear can reduce the force delivered to the brain significantly, not all fighters are convinced it actually reduces concussions. There is little debate that headgear greatly reduces the number of superficial cuts and bruises to the face that can quickly ruin a match or pre-bout training.

If the best defense to head injuries is not getting hit in the first place, the second-best is using good safety gear. The best boxing headgear protects your face during those important sparring sessions, reduces bruising, and over time can reduce the cumulative force delivered to your brain. Not surprisingly, even the best cheap headgear is no match for the high-quality stuff. This guide dives deep into the best options for Boxing, MMA, and Muay Thai


I am a big fan of boxing, wrestling and so and the most ridiculous thing that can happen to me when watching my favorite boxer been beating can be terrible and to my understanding, I feel that there are many people who mistakenly believe that wearing the headgear is a lame and can be a hassle. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Boxing headgear is paramount for many reasons. It can provide you with protection when you’re sparring and preparing for an upcoming fight.
Boxing without a good and decent headgear can be very dangerous for you to spar and if you are hoping to last long in the ring, then by getting the best boxing headgear is the perfect option you have, As a professional boxer, I can tell you assuredly tell you that either you are a pro or an amateur in boxing no doubt head protection is all you need, you can read more here to understand why you need to wear a boxing headgear before you spar.

I know most people find it so difficult to find the best things and you don’t have to worry because in the article I will lead you to a direct guild on and where you can get the best boxing headgear of your choice and stay safe. But before that, I would like to explain to you in a nutshell what we understand by boxing headgear.

What is Boxing Headgear?

Boxing headgear in a simple understanding is what professional boxers wear to protect their heads from the impact of punches thrown by their opponents.

1.Winning Headgear Fg2900

Best Winning Headgear

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This headgear is the first on our list, not because is better than the rest or because we are rating it higher than others but there are great quality, this Winning headgear has amazing features than the rest on the list and that makes it come first on our list and this headgear seems to be the most expensive in the list, but it worth the price for you to buy. Despite the price, they make this headgear from Japan and with that, the Japanese company made it with good quality to secure you winning. What I like about this headgear is that it’s comfortable and excellent fit with good, padding. It comes in several colors like White, Blue, Black and Gold, Orange and in total 11 cool colors of your choice, and you can get it in several sizes. With, this headgear being among the best boxing headgear you can get, I will so much love to gift this headgear out to my favorite boxer because this headgear I highly recommend this headgear for all for use.

  •   Comfortable and excellent fit for all
  •   Wonderful durability
  •   Wonderful durability
  •   Good padding for hard sparring
  •   Very lightweight at 9.5oz
  •   Perfectly fit your shape
  •   It’s very expensive
  •   It has minimal padding at the back

2.Ring to Cage Deluxe Full Face GelTech Sparring Headgear

Best Ring to Cage Deluxe Full Face GelTech

Ring to Cage is one of the best you probably need to go for now because this company makes it possible to give you headgear that got all of your face covered and when you get punched, the sparring glove will barely touch your face.

It gives you a perfect vision and if you want it to protect your nose this headgear got you covered. They make this headgear of solid option and despite the synthetic leather its guarantee to last for over 2 years and it depends on your use but getting this headgear will never be regret for you because you will love using it.

  •   It has an adjustable strap that enables you to adjust it faster and easily
  •   It covers all your face and helps to protect your face from punches and to avoid any face injury
  •   It has a superb quality padding and molded face bar
  •   It has protected your nose as well
  •   The design is remarkable
  •   Price is reasonable
  •   It doesn’t come in many attractive colors



Cleto Reyes headgear is said to be one of the most renowned brands in this industry. Most of its products including gloves cost top dollar mainly because they are made of nothing else than the genuine leather and last able things and with all the good reviews about them I am very pleased to add them among our list of the best boxing headgear you can get now.

Cleto Reyes Traditional Headgear being among my highly recommendations for the best boxing headgear they really make this headgear worthy to be in the list because if we are to consider the nose protection they have it for you and it comes in multiple colors up to 11 that will definitely suit your taste and it also has a lot more to offer besides all these.

  •   Designed with all-leather construction with solid stitches that can make it last longer for years
  •   It has a good heavily padded
  •   Superb breathability
  •   Compact and lightweight
  •   Excellent vision angle
  •   It has a 3-point adjustment for fit and comfort for use.
  •   Thin chinstrap
  •   The price is a little bit cost

4.Venum Elite Headgear

Venum Elite Headgear

This headgear is made from Thailand by combat accessories and being combat accessories and according to all our research, it has said that this headgear will last longer for years and especially if they are from huge brands such as Venum. And Venum elite headgear makes it to our top lists because it’s definitely the best among bests anyone could wish to get, the price is reasonable and they got you covered without compromising protection.

When I always do my research on product I do go for the design style, color, and other cool features, but trust me, The Venum Elite headgear is beautifully designed with cool amazing colors of a different 12 or more that you can choose from, is a mid-range headgear that seems to impress so many people from the reviews from previous users.

There are many cool features that will definitely boost your thought towards this headgear like its lightweight design that makes punch evasion possible and a great feel off the bat and its minimal padding that is best suited to fighters to quickly control head movements and reflexes.

  •   100% Skintex leather construction for great durability
  •   It has triple density contoured foam for ultimate shock absorption
  •   Ultra Lightweight for fast head movements
  •   100% fantastic head protection
  •   It has a great breathability
  •   It’s very comfortable to use
  •   It has only had one size that may not be fit for everyone

5.RDX Headguard Maya Hide Leather Boxing Headgear

Best RDX Head Guard Maya Hide Leather Boxing Headgear

If total head protection is what you are looking for then with no doubt RDX headgear is what you need either when you are sparring or training. This headgear comes in all sizes that will definitely be fit for everyone, you can get it in small, medium, large, and x-large size, and not only that you can get this headgear for children, parents or individual use, and despite being among the best boxing headgear you can get this headgear for an affordable price and this headgear comes in many types of color that will match with your other fighting gear or apparel.

  •   Adjustable Quick-Ez hook and loop closure for a snug fit.
  •   It comes in all size for everyone
  •   It’s 100% full head protection
  •   Very comfortable to use
  •   It has high-intensity shock absorption
  •  All seems perfect, nothing to talk about here.

6.Sanabul Essential Professional Headgear

Best Sanabul Essential Professional Headgear

Sanabul Essential Professional Headgear offers great protection without jeopardizing your vision or your actual goal while wearing it, you can use it participate in combat sports like boxing, Judo, Muay Thai, and other related martial arts sports. If we are to talk about the design trust me you are definitely going for it because the primary construction material used in this headgear is synthetic leather and it does not crack easily, you can easily maintain it and its expected to last much longer than what your imagined could be. This headgear is great with enough head protection that will prevent your head from sustaining injuries, it also prevents bruising and cutting during sparring. It makes use of impact-absorbent, dura-shock foam padding to provide protection over the most vulnerable area.

  •   Full-face protection
  •   Dual Closure System
  •   They are imported
  •   Strong secure Velcro
  •   Great quality materials for the price
  •   Excellent Padding
  •   Very Comfortable
  •   Good construction and design
  •   To adjust is a little bit hard
  •   It has fitting issues

7.Contender Fight Sports Boxing Competition Headgear

Best Contender Fight Sports Competition Headgear

This headgear is just what you need if you are looking for well-approved headgear for boxing, this headgear is approved by USA Boxing for formal competitions, and this headgear is a superb one out of the few headgears on our list that can make your boxing dream come true if you are having a good headgear that can give your head full protection from any punches that may destabilize your present thinking when sparring. The price which you can get this headgear is affordable also with some very interesting and comforting features that will leave you at no choice but to order for yours.

This headgear durability is fantastic, the designs are amazing for full safety game with cool colors of your choice and you can choose any comfortable size of your choice because they create this headgear size to fit for all users.

With this headgear, you don’t have to worry about you not feeling comfortable while wearing it, this headgear makes it easier for you to adjust and buckle strap. They design the padding to absorb the impact of a punch and to evenly redistribute it.

  •   It comes in all size for all
  •   It’s very comfortable to use with easy adjustability
  •   USA Boxing organization approved
  •   Top and black lace closures, buckle chin strap
  •   Outer material made of durable leather
  •   It has a top quality padding that can help you focus safely on sparring and fighting
  •   Top rated headgear for boxing, MMA, Muay Thai and partner contact sport athletes alike to practice and compete
  •   I think everything is just fine with this headgear

8.SANJOIN Boxing Headgear

Best SANJOIN Boxing Headgear

If you have been seeing a lot of headgear that hasn’t suit your taste since from all this list then this one will probably do, and if this is your first time for sparring, then you definitely need to go for this headgear. This boxing headgear will make your training experience an unforgettable one with the head protection of a double layer foam padding, the material is soft, it’s comfortable to use, it’s a lightweight, and it fit for all head size, and one of the amazing parts in this headgear is the water and sweat resistant features and this headgear will last more than what you expected. You must give this headgear a try, and if you try it out and you didn’t enjoy the features, not to worry because Sanjoin even offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

  •   Double layer foam padding protects cheek, chin, back of the head, temple, forehead well
  •   Synthetic leather is lightweight, soft and comfortable
  •   It helps to calm down fears
  •   It helps you stay safe even if some punch lands on your face
  •   Adjustable and can fit a child’s and an adult’s head
  •   Well protected with a double layer foam padding, including the back of the head against rabbit punches
  •   100% money-back guarantee
  •   Made of lightweight material, water, and sweat resistant
  •   The colors are not that amazing

9.Ringside Competition-Like Boxing Headgear

Best Ringside Competition-Like Boxing Headgear

If only all your desire is the best boxing headgear in the world but can’t afford the Winning FG2900, or some amazing ones on the list then this one got your back, despite it being affordable to get, if we are to talk about the absorption and protection for your face and your nose from cuts and bruises then this is the best pick. The design is all-leather construction and solid stitching and also notably lightweight at around 20 ounces and you can get this headgear in all sizes for the head from small to X-large and it has some pretty amazing cool colors for fancy sake.

  •   Curved cheek protections for the head and face
  •   Has a sleek design
  •   Top notch protection
  •   Adjustable fit for all
  •   Comfortable to use
  •   High rated headgear for boxing, MMA, Muay Thai
  •   Above-average nose protection
  •   Not approved for competition by USA boxing
  •   The face mask affects excellent visibility

10.TITLE Gel World Full-Face Training Headgear

Best TITLE Gel World Full-Face Training Headgear

This headgear has a gel lining inside for better shock absorption which reduces impact when you receive punches and it works well because you won’t feel it much when you get hooked in some areas of high padding like forehead and so. You can also get this headgear in another dimension for both ears, cheeks, and the chin for full face protection. The headgear design is leather, and it seems to get very hot when you wear it probably because of the gel and it will move around when you get sweaty. It’s comfortable to use, it can be adjustable easily with the Velcro strap on the back and the elastic top. They do not make the size to fit all head and the colors come in two Black and Red with a high rate of head protection.

  •   Easily adjustability
  •   Complete full-face protection.
  •   It’s lightweight and comfortable
  •   Excellent shock-absorbing technology, punches don’t feel too hard.
  •   It doesn’t come in all size
  •   It moves around when wearing it

11. RDX HeadGuard Boxing Headgear

Best RDX Head Guard Boxing Headgear

If you are looking for cheap boxing headgear will cool and professional features that will give you the assurance of ride I got you then this head guard is what you need. RDX brand is known for producing only the best boxing equipment that comes in great values and their products are made to last longer than what you may even expect.

RDX head guard is designed to protect the brains from vital punches injury and with their cell G-Core foam that was developed for greater head protection and durability to make your boxing career easy. This head guard will last longer because it has authentic full-grain cowhide leather compliments with a solid interior.

This Head guard has an excellent visibility range and features a non-slip fit, it comes in all sizes for all head from small to X-large and you will always get your size. This head guard will give you full confidence of yourself when it’s needed the most or while sparring.

  •   It has an adjustable chin strap closing and padded
  •   Top Twin layers of shock absorbing gel
  •   It provides good ventilation and unobstructed view
  •   It’s lightweight
  •   This headgear is made from cowhide leather which makes this durable
  •   Price is affordable
  •   You can get it in all size
  •   The color is not that much amazing
  •   The brand RDX is known for cheap equipment

12. Ringside Ultra Light Sparring Headgear

Best Ringside Ultra Light Sparring Headgear

The ringside ultra light sparring Headgear gives exceptional protection to your head from any hard punches that may lead to disability of your sight view when sparring, this headgear was created with tough synthetic leather and it incorporates the company’s exclusive Flex-Panel Technology that makes the panels expandable and contracts to the user for a total custom fit.

This headgear has a quick time tech lacing system, which enables the user to tighten the headgear by pulling the laces once. Some other cool features include an adjustable hook & loop chin strap, you can’t get this headgear in all sizes for the head but it can be adjustable and the color for this headgear is red/black.

  •   It’s comfortable to uses
  •   It’s lightweight
  •   It has a quick tie tech lace system that allows it to tighten the rear of the headgear with a simple pull of the laces
  •   This headgear is comfortable inside, moisture-wicking polyester/elastic inner liner
  •   It has an adjustable, hook & loop chin strap
  •   The quality of this headgear is Superb
  •   It has full head protection
  •   Price is very interesting
  •   It’s approved for competition by USA Boxing
  •   The face is opened to receive unlucky punches
  •   The cheeks are small
  •   The buckle closure not so good
  •   Some areas loose stitching

What you need to check before getting the Best Boxing Headgear

Most people make a mistake in choosing headgear because they didn’t know what to check before they choose, but not to worry I will briefly share with you the things you need to check before you buy one.

  • Make sure you check for the type: as we have headgear for training and for competitions so know the type you want. As the training headgear has an extra padding to give more protection to your face and back of the head and this extra padding makes the headgear heavier, while the competition headgear have a greater level of uniformity because they must adhere to similar competitions guidelines, and they offer less protection to your face, they mostly have often had an open-face design, and this headgear is lighter unlike the training own.
  • Check for how fit it is: knowing we all have unique head shapes and different sizes. What fits my head may not fit yours just make sure you go for the one that will definitely fit your head.
  • You can also check for the Visibility and Protection: as the eyesight seems to be the most critical of the five senses for a boxer. A good headgear allows the boxer to see his opponent and make sure you choose the one that will keep more parts of the face and head protected and make sure the padding is extra thick as that will make the headgear heavier.

Finally, if you want to last long enough on the ring or you want to achieve your purpose of becoming a boxer champion, then make use of headgear now. We just share with you now the best boxing headgear in 2020 you can choose from with their reviews which will be of help to you to decide which one to go for, trust me, all the headgear listed here are pretty amazing and by choosing any of this I guarantee your boxing sessions to be wonderful and safer.

So, what are you waiting for? Sport these lovely glares and get ready to swim your way out in style!