Selecting the right golf ball isn’t as easy as it may sound. Beginners may think what’s so difficult in selecting a best Golf Balls For High Handicappers but given the number of golf balls available in the market, it is natural to be spoilt for choice.  In other words, there are different types of golf balls suited for different types of golfers. After that,  knowing these intricacies is very important before you choose your golf ball. There are several subgroups for golf balls and each subgroup is meant for different types of golfers with different sets of skills. Here is all you need to know about different types of golfers, golf balls and the ways to select the best golf balls for average golfers. You can also get to know some of the best golf balls for high handicappers buying guide 2020.

Buying guide The Best Golf Balls For High Handicappers


Each golfer has his own skill level and considering the types of golfers, there are three major types of them-

1. Low Handicappers-

They are scratch golfers with single digit handicaps and they typically prefer tour-level golf balls. These balls are neither long nor very soft. They also provide fastest club head speed and produce highest spin rates to make the best greenside shot. Just, it also depends on the skill of the player to use the high spin rates in his or her favour.

2. Mid-Handicapper-

These handicappers have more or less the same flaws as high handicappers. They prefer to use balls that make their misses look lesser.

3. High Handicapper-

A golfer with a handicap score about 20 is considered a high handicapper. They are usually new in the game and have not practiced enough. But with good practice, skill and experience they can soon move into the category of a low handicap. Some best golf balls for high handicappers buying guide are aged with declining skills. Therefore, they need golf balls that can help them in the game instead of just choosing the most expensive ones.

Construction of Golf Balls

While some golf balls are really cheap. Some are absolutely expensive. Playing with expensive balls won’t guarantee you a good game or necessarily improve your skills. The pricing comes not just with brands but with the material and manufacturing type. Knowing the types of construction of golf balls will help you to decide which golf ball should be the best for you.

The Core

The inner part of the golf ball is known as the core and is responsible for all the action. Manufacturers play around with the compression to develop the best response from the core of the ball. Compression works like the engine that gets the ball going. When the ball is compressed, the elastomer in it helps it to snap back in shape and return the energy put in the stroke. Manufacturers usually come up with high compression golf balls with a compression rating that goes up to 90 and even more in some case and low compression balls with rating of 80 or lesser than that.

Therefore, high compression golf balls have a dense core and only fast golf swingers can take advantage of this construction. When the golf ball is swung fast, they snap back into shape instantly and jump off the club face. Distance gains are really possible with high compression golf balls. This opportunity is however missed by slow swingers who may not be able to hit it hard enough to compress it fully. Low compression cores on the other hand, get deformed easily and give a soft feel. Slow swingers can perfectly take advantage of these low compression balls and use them for their rebound effect.

Coefficient of restitution

The coefficient of restitution denotes an object’s bounciness. Higher numbers on a scale of 10 mean that the objects rebound with the energy that it put into them. Most of the golf balls have a COR around 0.6.

Cover Materials

Another very important aspect to consider in case of golf balls is the cover material. It can make a drastic impact on the feel of the golf ball, some materials can make the golf ball spin less and fly in a straight line, some other materials may be very soft and produce more of wedge spin.

One of the materials used in the construction of golf balls is urethane. It is an organic polymer whose properties can be tweaked by the ball designers. On one hand it is tough and on the other hand it feels very soft on impact. It is good for sensory feedback. Urethane is put in the casting process of the covers and golfers take the benefit of it in short game shots. They also have advantage of the core compressions. However, urethane cover balls are expensive.

Lonomer cover

Another material that is widely used in the construction of golf ball covers is synthetic ionomer. This too is a kind of synthetic polymer that has similar properties like urethane. The covers are both tougher and smoother than those made of urethane because of the synthetic resins present in this material. The manufacturing process too allows larger quantities of covers to be made and thus these are cheaper than urethane cover balls. However, synthetic ionomer cover balls lack the silky soft feel of urethane cover balls and are thick, producing a harsh feel on off-centre strikes.

Another trick involved in golf balls is the number of layers present. Some balls with a two-piece level have a large core and a synthetic ionomer cover But these balls can fulfil only a single purpose when hit. However, multi-layered golf balls have an inner core succeeded by different layers of elastomers. Each of these layers has different properties which are tweaked to get different responses to different swing speeds. Tour balls usually have four or more layers. These definitely give you a better performance but a rise in the number of layers also raises the price of the golf balls.

Types of Golf Balls

Tour Balls

Tour balls are one of the best types of golf balls players can have. It has the best features combined together for better players. The outer cover is made of thin urethane which gives the perfect feel and bite. The inner layers are engineered to elicit the best response at different levels of deformation. The core too is dense enough for great distance and along with the mantle layers provides good opportunity for the player to hit any shot. These balls are definitely expensive, but they give an amazing feedback on greenside shots and the best experience to the players.

Distance Balls

These balls have dense and typically high-compression cores which call for fast to moderate swinging to fully compress them. These are usually meant for hard to moderate swingers because if you are a slow swinger you can face a lot of difficulty with these balls. They won’t work and feel like a stone with soft swinging. However, there are a few distance balls with smooth synthetic ionomer covers that helps the ball to glide through the air very easily. They carry forward the ball more and there lies the magic. Distance balls with high compression core and high tech covers provide good distance for those with mid swinging speed.

Feel-Type Balls

A soft feel in a two-piece ball is brought about by a low compression core. These get deformed easily and have a soft and squishy feel, taking away the harshness of most of the tour balls that are difficult for imprecise golfers. Feel type balls are thus the softest on impact, these are not meant for fast swing speeds as the balls will get too deformed on high impact and lose distance. These are typically meant for slow swingers who will gain distance when they fully compress the ball with their shot. The balls are squishy soft and thus stick to the iron clubs and produce backspin to fly high.

Choose your golf ball based on your level of experience, type of playing and swinging speed. You may now be able to understand which type of golf ball should be best suited for your type.

11 Best Golf Balls For High Handicappers



Callaway Under $50


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Taylormade golf balls


TaylorMade Under $50


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Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls


Titleist Under $35


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Bridgestone 2019 e6 Golf Balls


Bridgestone Under $30


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Vice Tour Golf Balls-min


Vice Tour Under $30


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Best Golf Balls For High Handicappers Buying Guide under $30


Srixon Under $30


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Callaway HEX Tour Soft 24 Golf Balls


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Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls


Wilson Under $30


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Nike Golf Balls-min


Nike Under $20


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Callaway Warbird Golf Balls


Callaway Under $30


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Callaway HX Practice 9-Pack Ball


Callaway Under $20


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1. 2020 Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls


Check Price


Used a faster core to provide a longer distance. Its inner core is significantly larger than results in lower spin and higher launch. And it ensures durability cause its outer core is reinforced with Graphene. Decreases drag for increased general range, with a greater ball flight for optimal trajectory.

Its lonomer mix improves the more productive energy transfer from the Double SoftFast Core for quicker ball speed. The intensified ingredients enhance consistency and sturdiness, and the stiff mantle permits perfect spin on wedge shots.

You can buy a similar product like:


  •   Manufacturers redesigned an element inside so that the ball covers longer ditance.
  •   Its thinner and firmer outer core increases the durability
  •   Ball speed is also faster
  •   Greater inner core improves lower spin and higher durability


  •   New golfers may need time to adjust with it.

2. TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls

Taylormade golf balls

MORE SPEED IN THE MOST COMPLETE TOUR BALL TP5 Uses a 5 layer golf ball Structure that’s specifically developed to perform with each club in your bag; including at a Proprietary HFM Substance, TP5 is currently faster than previously. 

Contrast of ultra-soft cast urethane and also a semi-rigid interior cover generates the best possible interaction between the club & cover grooves, leading to an exceptional spin performance with complete wedge shots & slip control from round the green.

The special 3 layers core system at TP5 features advanced compression, allowing maximum power transfer and creating enormous speed on total shots.


  •   HFM is a material that increases the speed
  •   There are four stiff layers.
  •   It has 322 seamless dimple patterns and nice durable paint formula.
  •    You will feel softness If you touch the outer section of the ball.
  •    you will get a dozen balls in a pack.
  •   This ball includes five pieced constructed material.


  •  Maybe this ball is not for you; if you are a new golfer or have less golfing experience.

3. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls (One Dozen)

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

Having words ‘soft’ in the item name of a sphere appears to be ever before more vital nowadays unless it is a costs trip round, so having ‘scenic tour’ in there isn’t most likely to hurt points either.

The NXT array attempted to bring that efficiency of costs round right into a reduced cost brace and also the NTX Tour S was the softer sensation, reduced compression variation.

Not a surprise then that the Tour Soft utilizes the exact same 2 item building and construction as the NXT Tour S, yet with a little bit of extra suppleness that it receives from the NXT Tour.

The core of the Tour Soft is the biggest that Titleist has actually produced today and also this is the engine of the round to give the rate.

The cover is 4CE that gives a suitable quantity of hold without being as receptive as the urethane cover you would certainly discover on costs round like the Pro V1.

It includes 432 dimples in a spherically tiled cub octahedron layout, which I test you to the state after a couple of message round drinks, which takes care of the Tour Soft’s trajectory as well as trip.


  •    It feels very soft around the green
  •    Covers longer distance
  •    You can control the short game in an effective way
  •    Responsive feel


  •    Price level is a little high

4. Bridgestone 2019 e6 Golf Balls (One Dozen)

Bridgestone 2019 e6 Golf Balls

This is the softest multi-layer ball in the market at this moment and the 2 piece ionomer cover construction definitely makes it one of the best golf balls for average golfer. Though it is difficult to fathom softness with distance, the Bridgestone E6 is a unique design. The gradational core is softer on the outer edges and firmer in the middle. This special design helps it to prevent itself from getting over compressed.

The cover is kept softer than before and the geometry of its dimple produces a straight flight. The best part is the three piece mantle layer that you generally do not get in all distance balls. The outer core is firm and prevents spin which helps to reduce side spin and increase rebound. On a whole, it may not be good for low handicappers but it is best golf ball for 10 handicap or suited for moderate and high handicapped players.


  •   One of the softest distance balls in the market.
  •    The special cover makes it the softest ball.
  •   The specially designed dimple gives straight flight.
  •    The gradational core with a firm centre helps the ball to resist over compression.
  •   Outer core reduces spin and increases rebound


  •    It is not good for fast swingers.

5. Vice Tour Golf Balls

Vice Tour Golf Balls-min

If you are a mid to high handicapper, then you can choose this Vice Tour Balls for your better golfing experience. These balls are too much durable in nature. And they used 392 dimples that help your ball cut the air and go to the destination without any major restriction.

They structured this ball in 3- pieced characteristics with a nice combination of minimum dispersion a long carry. Your feeling with this ball will be very amazing and gentle with great greenside control.

The external DuPont Surlyn cover comes from the team of innovative ethylene copolymers. The outcome is exceptional resistance and also severe durability of the golf round. The very slim cover results in a happily soft feeling.

When establishing the Vice Tour, they considerably raised the variety of dimples. This enhanced number, as well as the details setup of the dimple framework, results in enhanced the rules of the aerodynamics of the golf round, maintaining the sphere smooth and also steady in its trajectory. The side activity of the golf round off the tee is minimized to a minimum (MxStraight), with enhanced resistance to crosswinds.

Straighten your golf sphere flawlessly with the extremely noticeable as well as extra-long “Keep in Line” (KIL) placing the line. Established in cooperation with the trip and also mentor experts, the line’s measurements specifically fulfill your putting as well as alignment demands.


  •    The ball’s distance is comparatively better.
  •    Can be rolled easily on the green.
  •    Used 392 aerodynamic dimple design to increase durability
  •    Prepared for continuous steady ball fight.
  •    Very much durable.


  •    Few golfers found it a little strong.

6. Srixon Soft Feel Men’s Golf Balls

Best Golf Balls For High Handicappers Buying Guide under $30

This is one of the softest balls in the market and certainly features in the list of the best golf ball for 10 handicap or more that is for high handicappers. It will help you to achieve straighter shots and lower your handicap score eventually. The 60 compression score of the ball and its gradient core design made by Srixon is done to prevent over compression of the ball. The ionomer cover is extremely soft but very resilient. The core offers high launch and a low spin.


  •   Very good for average swing speeds.
  •   Great choice for high handicappers.
  •   It is very soft on short irons and full wedges.
  •   The specially designed core produces high launch and low spin.


  •   Cannot withstand high swinging speeds and may lose distance in that case.

7. Callaway HEX Tour Soft 24 Golf Balls

Callaway HEX Tour Soft 24 Golf Balls

Callaway HEX Tour Soft Balls maintains high quality and professionalism. More spin, low compression, and travel longer distance are some of the high characteristics of this HEX Tour Soft Ball. Its core technology and very softcover allow the ball to go at a higher speed and at a long distance.

One of the best good points is that this ball goes relatively straighter line that is why it can achieve the long-distance level as well. Have more control over the greens compared to other golf balls in the market. You can buy this ball for its core technology.

You will find many positive or negative reviews on Amazon, but any experts did not negatively review this ball. Many golfers argue that this ball’s price is relatively high than other balls, but you have to remember that tour balls are usually expensive. But if you compare its benefits, then you will realize that the price is worth it for you.


  •    This ball travels with a high speed
  •   Covers a longer distance than another ball
  •    More power, soft feel, and low compression
  •    High-quality material has been used
  •    These balls are long-lasting and made for all golfers


  •    Available only in white color

8. Bridgestone Golf Balls (Golf e12 Soft)

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

Wilson Staff 50 elite is a 2-piece golf ball containing a rubber core and also an ionomer cover with 302 dimples with a reduced compression ranking of just 50.

The 50 in name marks the reduced compression of the ball, not the target audience of the golf enthusiasts it is targeted at.

It is targeted at tourist golf players that desire optimum range from a value-for-money golf ball. Made to be the softest two-piece range ball, it provides a wonderful mix of feeling as well as power while the ultrasoft feeling attracts a broad sector of golf enthusiasts. New NanoTech rubber chemistry generates an incredibly vibrant core that is 22% softer than its rivals.

Covered by an ionomer cover with 302 PhD the rules of aerodynamics flat-bottomed superficial dimples to produce even more security as well as passing through the ball flight.

Reduced compression golf spheres on the marketplace often tend to generate a rather rubbery soft noise and also really feel and also the Wilson Staff 50 elite is no various.

The hostile core integrated with the receptive cover help in producing equilibrium in between eruptive range as well as a soft feeling.


  •    Ultra soft feeling
  •    Responsive cover included
  •    Best price comparing its benefit
  •    Good impression in the Green
  •    High greenside spin and low compression
  •    Best for high-handicappers men and women
  •    Three colors are available
  •    Crosses the air and go relatively straight


  •    Stopping power is relatively low
  •    Durability is questionable

9. Nike Golf Balls – Mix Top Styles! 24 Near Mint Quality Used Golf Balls

Nike Golf Balls-min

It is Nike’s mixed golf balls with the same condition as a ball that has been played for a  few holes. You will get all shaped logos and player pen marking at the ball. There will be a little cosmetic stain. You will get 24 golf balls at a cheap rate!


  •    The recycled product that has been played for a few holes.
  •    You will get the balls in fresh condition.
  •    All shapes, logos, and player pen marking exist.
  •    The built-in USA.


  •    Sometimes the packaging may differ from the original.

10. Wilson golf balls- Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Ball

Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

The Warbird golf ball is designed for players who want to shot in a long distance with soft and high-power.

Warbird Core: Even the bigger, softer core contributes to faster ball speeds for optimum distance.  The Warbird Core generates a thinner cover which enriches the feel without sacrificing distance and speed off the tee.

HEX Aerodynamics: HEX Aerodynamics generates long, entering space and provides a better low-speed lift for Warbird.  It reduces drag and promotes a more stable ball flight that holds its line in the end.


  •    Very high compression core
  •    Best for golfers with fast swing speeds
  •    Provides proper control around the green
  •    Affordable and responsive
  •    You will get great distance with it


  •    Not for players with slower swing speeds
  •    They do not sound great
  •    Do not offer a lot of bite on greens

11. Callaway HX Practice 9-Pack Ball

Callaway HX Practice 9-Pack Ball

We will reveal to you a cheap golf ball through which you can practice enough and get prepared for your match. This is Callaway HX Golf Practice Balls! Available in 9 or 18 pack. Its bright color helps you to focus on the green. These are recycled balls. They follow a unique patented HEX dimple pattern that allows simulating actual ball flight at minimum distances. Its foam construction is highly durable that can be used anywhere. It will come with a durable mesh bag for easy keeping and portability.

You can practice through these balls anytime in anywhere. These balls may play a vital role as a training tool for you if you need to practice improving your skills in the field. These balls will give you the professional test like actual golf balls. You can get these nice balls in three different colors; orange, pink, and lime green! So you can grab it now.


  •    Seems durable
  •    Soft-flight golf balls
  •    Controlled distance and predictable breaking power
  •    Simulate real ball flight at scaled-down
  •    Comes with mesh carry bag


  •    Not for professional play, only for practices

Each kind of player has a set of golf balls suited to his or her game. In other words, modern manufacturing techniques and engineering design balls to suit each type and level of player and aid in improving performance. Now that you have learned about the best golf ball for high handicappers, choose the one that you deem to be the best one for you. Therefore, check out all the best golf balls for high handicappers to increase your performance and satisfaction in the game.

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