Ice hockey lovers find their souls in their beloved skates that almost act as their feet on the sheet of ice. Without a good pair of skates on the ice all your skills will go in vain. People with wide feet have the greatest difficulty in finding well-fitting skates for themselves. Narrow and uncomfortable skates can not only make your feet pain but also make you lose concentration from the game. It can even cause painful blisters and injuries. Since skates can be costly and difficult to understand if you are a novice, you need to go through some intense research before investing your money. Here is a buying guide to let you understand how to buy the best hockey skates for wide feet and also find out the best hockey skates for wide in 2020.


Things to check before buying hockey skates

1. Level

You must buy your skates according to your level or age. There are three divisions based on age- junior skates, youth skates and senior skates. You can accordingly search for the best hockey skates for wide youth or seniors.

2. Check the fit and specifications thoroughly

The fitting of the skates depends on the shape of the toe, hill, mid-section, instep, etc. While tapered or narrow fit skates fit snugly at the heels to maximize speed and control, a classic or comfort fit skates has a wide toe section, mid-section and heels to fit people with wider feet to let them have a comfortable grip. Always check the kind of fit you are buying

3. Size

The biggest issue even with the best hockey brands is that of size. Selecting the right skates for your size is very tricky. As soon as you have narrowed down to a particular brand or model, start looking up the size charts given to select the appropriate size. The size of skates is usually based on the normal shoe size for men and women. Depending upon it, select the one that is nearest to your size. You can also go through popular reviews to understand if you should choose a size smaller or bigger.

Usually, the size of skates is about a size smaller than your normal shoes. For instance, if your shoe size is 8, you will need a skate of 6.5 or 7. Any ideal skates should make you feel snug as well as comfortable with ample space for your wide feet. When you lean, the toes should not touch the toe cap and the heel should be locked in place without slipping from position.

4. Foot width and depth

The width and depth of the feet are crucial in determining the size or type of skates you need. Most people ignore this information and end up being uncomfortable in the wrong skates. It is very important to know which skates are going to best fit your feet. Most brands have boot width as either D or R which is the standard one. If you want something wider for your wide feet and heels, then go for E, EE or W. Some brands also have a width called C for narrow fit. Consider the width of your ankles and heels, the depth or the thickness of your feet and the width of the toe box or the front section of your feet before determining the best hockey skates for wide feet. These are the

areas where most people go wrong. People who experience discomfort in wearing shoes of regular width should go for wide skates with E or EE width. Purchasing your first skates online is therefore risky if you haven’t got any experience regarding manually trying skates of different models. In such cases you have to go for intense homework regarding sizes and widths of different brands and settle for the one you deem to be the best for your feet. Otherwise, you always have the option of returning it and getting a size bigger or smaller when purchased online. The top brands in the market like Bauer have some of the best hockey skates for wide feet.

5. Holders and Runners

You also need to understand how your skates are functioning. Every skate consists of a holder at the base and runners that actually help you to glide through the ice. Each brand has a different kind of holder and runner. For instance, Bauer uses a TUUK holder and runner. One-piece holder and runner are good as best hockey skates for wide beginners but if you are looking for something more than just the beginner’s level, you must go for two-piece holder and runner. The two-piece design allows the runner to be replaced if broken while taking a high-velocity shot.

6. Purpose of the skates

You need to purchase your skates based on the purpose you are buying it for. If you are using it for simple skating, then you can do well with basic ones. However, if you are going to use your skates for ice hockey, you must have at least a beginner’s level hockey skates. Depending upon your performance level, your skates should vary. Competitive games require absolutely high-performance elite skates for the best output because the sport is quite physically demanding. You need to keep up with the speed and intensity and thus choosing your right skates is an important decision. Your skills will be enhanced by the skates on your feet.

The price you pay for competitive level ice hockey skates depends on the durability of the boot and the holder and runner, the lightweight materials that keep your feet light and increase agility, the support provided to your ankles, the design and workmanship and lastly, the comfortable padding and protection to support your feet in the game.

7. Brand

It is also very important to check the brand that you are paying for. Never compromise on brands for a few bucks as footwear and especially sportswear needs to be of premium quality to provide better support and performance without giving you injuries. The brands are reputed because they have been providing customers with high-quality products that give good support and protection to the feet in the game. Find out the best brands in the market and read the customer reviews well to understand which the top brands are providing the best satisfaction to most people. Sticking to the popular brands is a wise decision always rather than experimenting with less popular ones. If you are investing your money is a pricey ice hockey skates, always go for the best hockey brands.

1. Bauer Junior Supreme 140 Skate

Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet Buying Guide under $80

Here is a hockey state for all your need. This Supreme Skate Fit gives you the kind of performance you are looking for through its superb anatomical design and thermo-moldable features. It is also equipped with microfiber liner, TUUK Super Stainless Runner and TUUK Lightspeed Pro Holder. Its super anatomy provides special support to your wide feet and heels. These are designed to fit wide feet and provide powerful strides. Its great fit and performance makes it the best hockey skates for wide feet and naturally quite popular among skaters.

    •   Very useful in performing wells.
    •   Fits perfectly well on wide and longer feet.
    •   Comfortable for the feet.
  •   Slight issues with choosing the right size.

2. Bauer Vapor Xr300 Senior Inline Hockey Skate

Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet Buying Guide under $250

Here is a skate designed for people with big feet and helps to achieve the desired performance. Its can be used for both indoor and outdoor skating and runs smoothly on a variety of surfaces without breaking or slipping. It gives you the smooth skating experience without faltering and great speed too. Moreover, the best part is that they are very comfortable, and the ankle support is really good. These are quite durable too and will run for a good amount of time. This is definitely one of the best hockey skates for wide 2020.

    •   Good design and comfortable to wear.
    •   Fits wider feet well.
    •   Provides great performance and good speed.
    •   It is versatile in nature and can be used both in indoor and outdoor spaces.
    •   The wheels have superb grip.
    •   Nothing much to complain about.

3.Tour Hockey Code 9

Tour Hockey Code 9

The Tour Hockey Code 9 youth an adjustable roller hockey skate is high-quality and perfect for long-time practice. This skate comes with all highly advantages technology features. It performs well and great in design.

The designed follows a customized ANKLE support that will deliver comfort you to practice any game. The skating pair followed with a quick-drying lining. It keeps the users cool when they heats up their action with it.

    •   Adjustable seizing
    •   Comfort padding
    •   Move smoothly
    •   Fit perfect kid’s leg
    •   Solid and rugged build
  •  Several colours not available.

4. American Ice Force 2.0 Hockey Skate For Women

American Ice Force 2.0 Hockey Skate

American Ice Force 2.0 Hockey Skate designed skillfully for beginners to intermediate level ice Skaters. This lightweight ice skater performs well. It features with a customizable P.V.C. injection casting.

If you are seeking a fair of skate, it’ll enable you to twist the knees to enhance the flexibility. It is pretty and moisture-wicking. You don’t need to worry for sweat, wetness, and condition.

The skating pair followed with carbon steel with a hard nylon holder that makes them ideal for performing with high-speed in any sports. The features give it a guarantee for durability and flexibility. It shows with ergonomic copper nails that offer you fantastic heel support.

    •    Durable
    •   Lightweight
    •   Indoor and outdoor ska
    • True shoe size
  •   Only one colour is available.

5. Botas – Attack 181 – Men’s Ice Hockey Skates

Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet Buying Guide under $150

This skates from Botas makes it into the best products list and is recommended for recreational skating. The best part of this skates is its fashionable outlook and dynamic design with best quality lining, foam padding at the ankles, anatomically shaped tongue and flexible body. The stainless-steel blade fits on durable plastic holder that will run a long time before breaking off. This is designed for both style and great performance. The black and silver body makes it look sporty as well as classy. These junior ice skates are best for recreational skating and beginner’s level ice hockey players. They are good enough to withstand resistance and impact and also protect the feet with the plastic tip and the foam padding at the heels and ankles.

    •   Good enough as junior skates or beginner’s level hockey skates
    •  Comfortable design for people with wide and large feet.
    •  Comfortable padding and tip protect the feet from impact.
    •   Stunning to look at.
    •  Provides good performance.
    •  Durable.
  •   Nothing much to complain about.

6. Bauer Vapor X400 Ice Hockey Skates (Junior)

Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet Buying Guide under $200

This is a junior skate from Bauer and is known for its great performance and durability. If you invest in this, it is going to last you a great number of plays. The outer shell is extra durable to provide great rigidity against wear and tear. The special X-rib design gives great strategic support at the ankle. This results in giving you better stability and acceleration throughout the game. The skates are heat moldable and have microfiber liner to wick away any amount of moisture and maintain feet hygiene.

    •   TUUK holder and runner for best performance.
    •  X-rib design provides huge ankle support.
    •  Very comfortable on the feet.
    •  Gives superb stability and acceleration.
    •  Scientific anatomical design.
    •  No great complaints from customers.

7. Jackson Ultima Softec Classic

Jackson Ultima Softec Classic

The Jackson Ultima Softec sport range named according to the manufacturer brand name. It comes with several colours and models that are perfect for women, men, boys, girls, and even kids. The performance of this ice skate is well that make the performance of the users well.

The Thinsulate-lined and tongue make the pair warmer that is great for casual skaters. They comfortably padded with foam that will increase insulation and make it more comfortable.

The latest design with a synthetic outsole can reduce weight. There have no flimsy skates. This pair is durable, and the users can feel comfortable and reliable on their stable.

    •   Well-designed
    • Perfect for all
    • Long-lasting
    • Affordable and flexible
    • High-quality figure
  •   Expensive

8. American Athletic Shoe Co.Women’s American Soft Boot hockey Skate

Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet Buying Guide under $120

This is a soft boot hockey skate for women and is meant for recreational skating. This is mainly a non-competitive ice hockey skates and will provide decent performance. However, it surely scores high on the style and comfort level. It has got thick foam padding to provide you comfort, protection, and warmth. The boot too is multi-layered for better support. The size is as per your regular shoe size and the stainless-steel blades give good agility while skating.

    •   Super comfortable on the feet with great scope for warmth and protection.
    •   The look of the skates is impressive.
    •   Steel blades provide good performance for recreational levels.
    •   Some customers have found problems with the right sizing.

9. American Athletic Shoe Boy’s Ice Force Hockey Skates

Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet Buying Guide under $150

This is a cheaper variety of skates that can be used for recreational or entry-level non-competitive hockey. They are good for indoor as well as outdoor skating. The inner lining is moisture resistant to maintain feet hygiene and provide better comfort. The multi-layer construction gives better stability to the ankle while skating. The carbon steel blade maximizes performance. They also help to keep the feet warm. If you are looking for something cheap with decent performance and nothing too professional for competitive level ice hockey, this can be a fair deal.

    •   Wide and comfortable.
    •   Fits well and provides support and warmth.
    •   Provides decent performance in indoor and outdoor recreational skating.
    •  Cheaper than other models.
  •   Some customers have complained about the skates breaking.

10. Tour Hockey FB-225 Senior ICE Hockey Skates

Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet Buying Guide under $100

Tour Hockey brand presents a comfortable hockey skate with deluxe padding for extra support. It has got firm ankle support with carbon steel blades to make the edges extra hard. The reinforced ankle stabilizer provides unparalleled support and the deluxe foam padding keeps the feet supported and in place. The quick dry lining also helps to keep you for long hours on the ice. These skates are good enough for recreational hockey or beginner’s level ice hockey but not for competitive high-level games. If you need ones for basic recreational hockey games, this is a great skate to begin with.

    •   Comfortable padding and support for the feet.
    •   Reinforced ankle stabilizer provides greater stability on ice.
    •   Good for beginner’s level games.
    •   Problems faced with finding the right size.
    •   These do not come sharpened.
    •   Not recommended for c level games.

11. American Athletic Shoe Senior Cougar Soft Boot Hockey Skates

Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet Buying Guide under $120

These skates are designed to be so comfortable that you won’t want to leave the ice. The foam padding at the ankles not only keep your feet warm for long on the ice but also give you great cushioning to protect the feet. The comfortable design is good enough for beginners to intermediate level skating. It is also high on style to make you look fashionable during the sport. The Velcro strap and multi-layered construction provide good support and stability.

    •  Comfortable on the feet.
    •   Foam padding gives extra cushioning.
    •   Feet stay warm on the ice.
    •   Good performance for beginner’s level hockey skating.
  •   Not sharpened to satisfactory levels.
  •   Some complaints about blades slipping and straps breaking.
  •   Not accurate to shoe size.

12. K2 Skate Men’s F.I.T.

K2 Skate Men's F.I.T.

When are you searching durable and high-quality skate for performing in any games, K2 Skate will be the right for you. K2 skate F.I.T. is exactly suggested by the doctor to use.

K2 softboot feature of it increases the stability and give support that you desire from any skate. You feel comfortable to use it for its excellent design and materials quality. The inner of it is warm that include water different materials.

Stainless steel blade can give a connection to maintain it easily that works to hold a sharpened edge. The traditional lace gives you a secure, and you feel comfortable fit.

    • Lightweight and durable
    •   High-quality material used for made
    • Feeling comfortable to wear
    • Perfect for any sport
    • Expensive
    • Only one color available

Thus, buying a good pair of fitting skates is very important even if you are a beginner level player. It will help you enhance your performance and take you to the top of the game. So, what are you waiting for? Go through the above-mentioned list and bring your favorite hockey skates at home now!