Playing tennis is all about the right techniques in the court. But to employ the right techniques you also require the right equipment like a professional tennis racket that will help you have good control over the game. Without a good racket, all your skills will go in vain. A good racket can surely make your day and help you have a satisfying experience while playing the game of tennis. But novice players are usually very confused about what to look for in a tennis racket and how to differentiate a good racket from a bad one. You can also refer to the best tennis racket for beginners list to get aware about the latest and the best rackets available in the market.

Our advice for beginners is to do a bit of homework about rackets before investing money in one. Here is a complete buying guide about tennis rackets and all you need to know about the features to look for.

Even if you are a beginner with very limited knowledge of the game it is important to use equipment that is favourable to you as it can greatly impact your enjoyment and your ability to improve. If a beginner decided to use Roger Federer’s racquet, the RF97, just because he’s their favourite player, then it would be hugely challenging to use that frame and make the most of their game due to the weight. Even a very experienced player might have trouble playing their best with a racquet of such characteristics.

As well as breaking down the characteristics of racquets,  I will go over some racquet choices that may be great options for someone who has just started playing the game. If you are looking to use the same equipment that you see some of the pros on TV using we are sorry to disappoint, but usually, most of those racquets require having a considerable level of skill to be able to get the most out of them. Luckily for you, most racquet brands do have variations on the more serious player’s frames that can give you a similar feel to what your favourite players are rocking on the courts that you see on television.

All you need to know while buying tennis rackets

Here are the features that you must consider while looking for the best tennis rackets.

1.Head size of the racket

The head size of the racket is very important in determining your game. It is the size of the hitting area that is within the frame of the racket. Midsize racket heads are about 80-94 square inches while mid-plus sizes are usually about 95-105 square inches. The oversized ones have 110-115 square inches of head size while the largest are the super oversized ones with 116-135 square inches of head size.

Larger the head size, the more power you generate while playing. A larger head size also implies having a larger sweetspot which is the area on the strings where you get the largest response from your racket. If you are a beginner level player, then you would need a racket with a large head size. However, professional players and experienced ones who already have great power and skills choose a racket with a smaller head size.

2. Racket weight distribution

The racket weight distribution either creates a head heavy racket or a head light one. If you are a beginner, you should go for a head heavy racket that will give you good swing and power which you naturally lack due to lesser strength. Your swing may not be powerful enough and thus you require a power packed racket to put more intensity into your game. However, experienced players will need head light racket which give more control over the game. These have the weight distributed evenly through the racket and the maximum weight is concentrated on the handle rather than the head. This helps to absorb the shock and is needed by players who already have a lot of power in their strokes. They also generate great spin in the shots. Choose your racket based on your level of playing.

3. Grip size

Choosing a tennis racket also requires you to look at the grip size of the racket. The smallest grip size is 1 which is about 4 1/8” while the largest is 5 at 4 5/8”. You need to choose your racket’s grip size based on your age and level of playing. Junior players need grip size 1 or 2 while women usually go for sizes 2 and 3. Experienced level male players usually need 3 or 4.


You can get flexible frames, medium frames and stiff frames among rackets. Power, as well as control and comfort, depend on the frame stiffness. The one that gives you more power provides lesser control, though it depends more on the ability and skill of the player. An advanced level player wants a flexible racket to emphasize on the feel and control because he or she can swing fast naturally through his or her skills. However, a beginner level player or an intermediate level player may require a stiff racket to emphasize more on the power.

5.Frame stiffness

An adult tennis racket is usually 27 inches, but you may get them ranging from 26.5 inches to 29 inches. If you use a long racket you are most likely to reach more on the groundstrokes and generate more power and swing weight.

6.String pattern

The string pattern is very important in choosing the racket in the game of tennis. It influences the entire performance and is crucial to the game. String patterns can either be open or closed. An open string pattern provides more deflection on impact while a denser pattern provides less deflection. An open string pattern also increases ball rebound and produces a high launch angle. It makes the racket feel livelier and gives the player more access to pace and depth while playing. These also increase greater spin generation. On the other hand, closed string patterns result in low ball rebound. But some players find better response from closed patterns and have greater control over the strokes and swing. Closed strings also tend to be more durable than the open strings.

7. Swing weight

Swing weight refers to how heavy the racket feels when you are swinging it. Naturally, if the racket is heavy to hold, it will be difficult to swing it and vice versa. But heavier rackets also offer greater power, stability and control. Low swing weight rackets are easy to swing but are less stable while playing at a greater pace. This is why advanced level players also prefer higher swing weights in rackets because it helps them to keep it in control while playing high pace games. It also increases their power.

However, intermediate players and beginners should go for a low swing weight racket to get acquainted with them and have easy acceleration and generate high stroke speed. 305 and below is considered a low swing weight and is good for beginners. Intermediate level players should ideally go for medium swing weight rackets with 310 to 325 swing weight and moderate stability and manoeuvrability. Advanced level players prefer swing weight of 325 or above for greater stability. Choose your racket based on the swing weight suitable for your level.

8.Brand and composition

You must also consider the top most brands if you are looking for the best rackets in the markets and especially something that will be durable and satisfying. Different brands have different compositions based on the materials they are using. Some are aluminum, or alloy based; some have graphite composite while some rackets are of pure graphite. The aluminum ones are heavier than the others and are good enough for beginner level players.

The graphite composite rackets are lighter than the aluminum ones and are usually made of a combination of titanium, Kevlar and karophite black along with graphite. These are reasonably priced and are good for recreational players. A good game, however, requires a pure graphite racket which is expensive. These are extremely lightweight and generate perfect powerful swing. Intermediate and advanced level players should go for pure graphite rackets instead of composite graphite ones to enhance their performance.

11 Best Tennis Racket For Beginners

1. Babolat Pure Aero Junior 26 Inch Tennis Racquet

Best Tennis Racquet For Beginners Buying Guide under $200

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Babolat pure aero junior tennis racquet is another amazing tennis racquet that comes with a complete package. It includes pack with control spin, more spin, and so more essential items. It has an excellent option for reliable and more advanced junior level players who are seeking high technology features.

Great features like a high frame that design with graphite, natural stiffness of it, accurate groundstroke as well as ample spin. The extended frame is perfect for not only an adult player but also suitable for junior level players.


  •  Head Size: 100 sq. inch
  •  Strung Weight: 8.8 ounces
  •  Length: 26.0 inches
  •  String Pattern: 16 mains x 19 crosses
  •  String Tension: 46 to 52 pounds
  •  Grip Sizes: 4-inch and 4-1/8-inch
  •  Size: 4_0/8
  •  Color: Factory Strung
  •  Product Dimensions: 19.7 x 15.8 x 0.4 inches
  •  Item weight: 8.8 ounces

Key features:

  •  Balance: Evenly balanced
  •  Grip Type: Babolat Syntec Pro
  •  Composition: Graphite
  •  Frame made of graphite
  •  High-technology
  •  Natural stiffness of the racquet
    •   Perfect for high performance
    •   Feel comfortable
    •   Right for an adult plus junior player
    •   Durable
    •   Affordable
  •   Warranty

2. Wilson 2018 Ultra 100 Countervail Tennis Racket – Quality String – CV

Best Tennis Racquet For Beginners Buying Guide under $220

This is another great racket that makes it to this list because of its crisp and compact design. It is an extremely lively model meant for all courts. This racket suffices both intermediate as well as advanced level players. It has a Countervail and inbuilt vibration dampening material to reduce the effect of vibration while playing. It is strung with 11.2-ounce multi-filament string and the stiff frame ensures great response while playing. The sweet spot is large enough and the overall design makes the racket quite satisfying and comfortable in the court. Infidelity the best racket ive ever had. I got poly strings on it and it really improved my spin and power. I wish it had more control but other than that a great racket.

    •   Recommended by trainers and experts.
    •   Good countervail technique
    •   Decently sized
    •   Vibration dampening material is inbuilt
    •   Well strung
    •  Comfortable to grip and play
    •  Useful for all courts
    •  No great complains found.

3.HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racket (Strung)

Best Tennis Racquet For Beginners Buying Guide over $100

Next on the list of the best rackets of 2018 is this Head Micro Gel Radical Tennis racket . It is equipped with on ball impact technique where the Head Micro Gel distributes the impact of the ball around the frame and provides a solid feel and great touch. The head is large enough with a size of 98 square inches. The Micro Gel technique is quite revolutionary and produces one of the best rackets you can ever find.

    •   Light and power packed
    •   Perfect racket for everyone
    •   Provides good control
    •   Head Micro Gel distributes the impact of the ball
    •   Well strung
    •   Available at a good price.
    •   Strung in the middle which may cause problems for some.
    •   Strung too tightly in the beginning but once you start playing the tension loosens and increase the performance.

4. Babolat Drive Max 110 Tennis Racquet 

Babolat drive max 110 tennis racquet

The Babolat drive max 110 tennis racquet is an excellent tennis racquet that comes with high-quality features and design. It is incredibly lightweight and will support the player to play with great comfort. They won’t break so quickly when you are playing into the court, and they dropped it suddenly.

This highly qualified tennis allows you to shots with good speed and fast. You also can catch the ball super fast with the help of it. This racquet will support you and make you so confident into your game in the field. In a word, it makes your play supper useful than your belief.


  • Product dimension : 30 x 10.8 x 4.6 inch
  • Size : 4 ¼
  • Head size : 110 sq. inch
  • Length : 27.5 inch
  • Stroke style : Compact-medium
  • Beam width : 27mm

Key features:

  • Powerful frame
  • Compact swings
  • Over sized head
  • Frame made of graphite
  • High-technology
  • Natural stiffness of the racket
    • ⦁ Easy to use
    • ⦁ Very light
    • ⦁ Help to good performance
    • ⦁ Nicely balance
  • ⦁ Only for adults

5.HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racket – Strung

Best Tennis Racquet For Beginners Buying Guide under $100

This is a large headed racket of 115 square inches and the string pattern with 16 X 19 is quite impactful for your performance. The titanium and graphite build makes it very light but strong and durable. It also gives the racket a great feel when you hold it. It is the one of the best tennis racket for beginners and intermediate players.

    •  Complete game changer in intermediate level playing.
    •  Very light and feels comfortable.
    •  Graphite and titanium build makes it durable.
    •  Gives power packed performance.
    •  Allows great spin.
    •  Does not give rise to pain in the wrist or elbow.
  •   String could have been better than what it is.

6. HEAD Ti.S5 CZ Strung Tennis Racquet

HEAD Ti.S5 CZ Strung Tennis Racquet

As an amazing tennis racquet, this product also comes with great design and features that provide extra dampening, and it works for the ultimate comfortability. It works well to enlarge the sweet spot for much more power.

It was designed with a titanium frame that will help you to perform well and shot the ball smoothly. The skill of it increased for the compact zone technology that works for a serious level to beginner-level players. If you are seeking the best tennis racquet for practice or any serious competition, you can select this for your best performance.


  •  Head size : 107-inch sq
  •  Weight unstrung : 8.2 oz
  •  Grip size : 4 1/2 inch
  •  Length : 27 3/4 inch
  •  String pattern : 16/19 fan
  •  Grip Size : 4 1/2
  •  Product Dimensions : 27 x 12 x 1 inches

Key features:

  •  Powerful frame
  •  Compact swings
  •  Over sized head
  •  Head heavy balance
  •  Powerful spin
    •   ⦁ Advanced technology
    • ⦁ Unbeatable feel
    • ⦁ Control shooting
    • ⦁ Provide good performance
    • ⦁ Durable
  • ⦁ Expensive

7.Head Youtek Graphene Speed S Tennis Racket

Best Tennis Racquet For Beginners Buying Guide under $100

This is an ultra-maneuverable racket and is, in fact, a lighter version of the Speed pro used by Djokovic. This S version in the Speed series of rackets is just perfect for junior players, best tennis racket for beginners and also works well as a doubles racket. The string pattern is 16X19 and it is strung in mid tension. It is made of Graphene, the lightest material which is at the same time the strongest too. This helps to keep the racket light in the air and also distribute its weight equally at the top and bottom of the frame. This modern design helps you to put forth more power into the game with less effort and thus is a great choice for weak wrists.

    •   Speed S helps to penetrate more on deep shots.
    •  Provides greater control
    •   Ensures a power packed game without much effort
    •  Wonderful revolutionary design
    •  Gives good spin when you need it.
    •  Graphene construction really makes it very light and durable.
  •  Strings could have been better.

8.HEAD Micro Gel Radical OSTennis Racket(Strung)

Best Tennis Racquet For Beginners Buying Guide over $100

This Head Micro Gel OS Tennis racket is another racket from Head that makes it to this list. It has on ball impact technique where the Micro Gel helps to distribute the impact of the ball evenly across the frame. It is also very light and can provide great control over the game. It has been loved by many people and they have seemed to get rid of the pain associated with older rackets . The Micro Gel technique is one of its kinds and produces the best rackets from Head.

    •  Light to carry.
    •  Available at a good price.
    •  Very good for reducing shoulder and elbow pains.
    •  Provides good control.
    •  Vibration is controlled pretty well.
    •   The strings are very tight which seems to negate the vibration dampener.
    •   Lacks power to some extent

9. Oppum Adult Carbon Fiber Tennis Racket

oppum Adult Carbon Fiber Tennis Racket

Oppum adult carbon fibre tennis racket comes with great features and design that include a triangular shaped frame, and it works to absorb shock. The combination both of the handle and face are also triangle that has a sound effect as well as they will absorb each bad vibrations.

Double hole technology made it so good performer in the field and gave a lovely appearance. So, it is perfect for hitting the ball and for providing a good sport. Double mix materials like carbon fibre and aluminium metal made it highly durable. The handle of it is wooden, which will support the user to play a good sport.


  •  Product dimension : 27.2 x 11 x 0.8 inch
  •  Item weight : 1.2 pounds
  •  Color : Aluminum-carbon racket (Black-Blue)
  •  Size : 4 3/8
  •  Racket length : 685mm
  •  Racket face size : 110inch square

Key features:

  •  Super Lightweight
  •  Tennis Rackets Shock-Proof
  •  Throw-Proof
  •  Tennis Bag
  •  Tennis Over grip
    • ⦁ 100% guarantee quality product
    • ⦁ Five-star review and feedback
    • ⦁ Affordable
    • ⦁ Flexible and portable
    • ⦁ Comportable exprience
    • ⦁ Color not available

10. Head Graphene XT Speed MP Tennis Racket

Best Tennis Racquet For Beginners Buying Guide under $150

This racket powered by Graphene XT technology is endorsed by Alexander Zverev and is another masterpiece by Head. It is considered by many to be the best tennis racket in the world with a head size of 100 square inches and professional Head strings with perfect tension. The Graphene XT technology makes it even lighter than the XT Speed Pro and Speed MP. It helps to fix the weight of the racket near the hoop and the handle to create faster swing. This is surely going to give you the best feel while playing.

    •  Large head and maximum sweetspot
    •  Grapheme XT technology makes it better than other Speed series models.
    •  Feather light racket with faster swing.
    •   Strings are perfectly taut and professional.
    •   Gives you great power and control in the game.
  •  No major complains found.

11.Wilson Burn 100S Tennis Racket – Unstrung

Best Tennis Racquet For Beginners Buying Guide under $120

This Burn 100S racket is simply the best tennis racket that could make it to this list. It helps you to have an edge over others in the competition with its booming power. The string pattern has 18X16 spin effect technology that ensures perfect spin and precisely sharp angles. It helps you to achieve just the performance you are looking forward to. The huge power of the racket helps you to be more aggressive in the game while hitting heavy shots.

    •   Best tennis racket for a power packed game.
    •   Complete game changer in the competition.
    •  Helps you achieve sharp angles and greater spin.
    •  Provides aggressive power in heavier shots.
    •  The racket is unstrung when delivered.
    •  It comes without a cover.

This was a complete guide for novice players about the things to look into before buying a good racket. By now, you must be well aware about the best tennis racket for beginners. Look into the pros and cons and the features of each of the items in the list of the best tennis racket for beginners before you finalize which one to buy. These rackets will surely help you to begin very well and become a pro very soon as you practice and sharpen your skills. You are surely going to enjoy a power-packed performance and a satisfying one too.