Golf is a very nice and popular game everyone loves playing for one reason or the other, though most people take it as a profession while some love playing it as fun, all in all, golf is just that game you wouldn’t want to miss out from, trust me. Playing golf seems very simple in most of our eyes like raising the golf stick and hit the ball, but it requires some skills for you to hit the ball and achieve your goal and that’s why our team here on sports zone reviews will bring to your knowledge the golf tips for beginners for you to learn some basics about the game.


It has been said that golf is good for body and our mind as it gives some reasonable physical health; with this I see no reason why you wouldn’t want to play golf as long as you can, I mean think about the benefits like camaraderie, the fresh air you enjoy while playing, and physical exercise you will also experience. One thing about golf is that it doesn’t select age even an elderly person can play and also with the young one. As a matter of fact, there have been reports that many younger people get into the game of golf with the intention of playing more and more as they age and more as they age.

If you are deciding to get into the game and maybe you are thinking about how you going to adopt because you didn’t start from a young age or maybe you didn’t start on time, well you have nothing to worry about, because either you start on your adult age or your younger age with a few basics golf tips for beginners we will share with you in this article for you to practice and in no time you will see yourself among others golf players on the course.

Golf Tips

Equipment for Golf Beginners

There are many golf club equipment you must get as a total beginner and some of them include the drivers as we have multiple drivers like, the iron, fairway and so on and without this your golf career hasn’t started, the putter, the pitching wedge, the sand wedge, and make sure you go for best golf balls for high handicappers.

Important Golf Tips for Beginners

  • Find a home course — To get comfortable on the golf course is one of the biggest challenges that beginners face especially if you are not fully sure of your skills. And that’s why getting a home course is an option as this will help you learn the ins and outs of the course and you will also get to meet new people or some golf pro that you can play with and also learn from.
  • Beginner custom clubs— If you are new to golf then getting a custom clubs that are modified specifically for your body size is all you need as this will help you improve quickly in golf.
  • Work on the grip— For you to achieve your golf dream as a pro quickly then you must make sure you practice regularly. Make sure you practice having a good grip of the golf club before proceeding to the game, grip the club tight enough, so it doesn’t fall naturally out of your hands, as this will help improves your accuracy when taking the shot.
  • Have your own swing type— t has been told that every golfers has its own type of swing which helps moves the club better to get a good contact with the ball, so as a new beginner for you to work on your swing type you need to always focus on the ball, let your body rotation happens around the shoulders, let your right arm be flexed, let your left arm be stretched fully and also with your left leg let it be flexed and by applying these little steps will help you have a good swing.
  • Play a round of golf with 3 clubs — You need to play a round of golf sometimes with only a wedge, putter, and mid-iron, and you will be surprised what the outcome might be for you or how well you will score.
  • Work on your body posture — Your body posture matters a lot on a golf course as this will determine your level of accuracy to a large degree. Make sure you pay attention to it, as you don’t want to develop bad habits from it or see yourself losing.
  • Let your focus be on where you want the ball to go —Before you hit a shot let your focus be on where you want your ball to go, as your brain can’t predict where the ball will land just try your best to focus on your aiming.
  • Always play with strategy, gambling is not an option —Make sure you play with understanding because golf is like playing blackjack at the casino. You win one or two times but probably you will lose money.
  • Have fun with the game — Golf is a very exciting game to play, but it can also be frustrating especially when you are just a beginner, but being a beginner must not stop you from having some fun with the game as you will definitely turn to a pro golfers one day so enjoy yourself, have some fun, laugh at your mistakes, and celebrate when you hit a good shot.
  • Keep your head down— Before you hit a shot always keep your head down as this will help your body maintain the head position to hit a good shot, because that moment you raise your head up, your shoulder and body position will change so learn to keep your head down focusing fully on your goal.
  • Learn from a Pro— &mdashIf you are trying and still not getting a good result try to reach out for a lesson teaching from a pro staff to get better in the game.

Trust me, golf is a such a very nice game everyone can adapt with so easily that even learning wouldn’t be challenging for you at all, and here at sports zone reviews our golf tips for beginners will surely put you on the right track to becoming a professional golfer without spending much money or putting much of your time to learn, make sure you follow all the steps and see yourself at the top.